Make the right decisions early

Your path to success starts before you set foot on a college campus.

Make the right decisions early shows you, the high school student, how to ensure a rewarding professional future for yourself after graduating from college—which involves making the right decisions before you even get there. It answers such questions as:

  • Which majors will empower me to be gainfully employed after graduation, instead of begging for a job?
  • What is important when choosing a college?
  • Which careers will enable me to have financial comfort, in a world which is becoming more expensive and unstable?

Tom McKinley has spent two decades examining the college education system, watching the job market, and analyzing the relationship between them. Here, in his concise and direct manner, he explains how college is a tool for your future, not an end in itself, and how to use this tool to make sure you hit the ground running after college graduation.

He also discusses how to keep yourself strong and healthy, both mentally and physically, and gives you practical advice on gap years, relationships, and self-discipline.