Tom McKinley: Author Profile

Tom McKinley is a Self-Help author whose mission is to help people live better and happier lives. He has written two books and numerous articles about mental and physical health.



Tom’s first book, Winning the Fight to Be Happy, was inspired by his experience with climbing out of depression and combating other forces which bring people down.

Each chapter discusses a different way to improve your life, based on a constant course towards peace of mind and a positive perspective. The book was published in 2015 through iUniverse Publishing.





There was still much to say after Winning the Fight To Be Happy, so Tom followed this up shortly afterwards with Make the Right Decisions Early, a book for people in their late teens (also published by iUniverse).

The book shows teens how to ensure a rewarding professional future for themselves after graduating from college—which involves making the right decisions before they even get there.




Tom McKinley was born in 1977 in New Jersey, USA. He has a Master’s Degree from the University of London, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree from Villanova University in Pennsylvania. Tom resides in Cebu City, Philippines, working for a US firm. He is currently the president of the Rotary Club of Cebu East.




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